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Kristy Brown

Kristy Brown

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

With all the sad and awful things going on in the world, writing fiction is a great way to escape. Being able to create new worlds, deep characters, and sometimes a little magic is my absolute passion. When a reader contacts me and loves my story, there's no feeling like it. Knowing my characters are alive in someone else's mind too is fantastic.

About Kristy Brown

Kristy Brown lives in England with her husband and two sons. She trained as an actress and has a degree in Contemporary Arts. After her first child was born she began writing a short story whilst he took a nap. That was the beginning of the Kiera's Quest teen fantasy series, which is published by Muse It Up Publishing. Kristy then went on to write Summer's End, a YA Paranormal romance series, which will also be published with Muse It Up Publishing. Just Sam is a YA/ Teen contemporary romance book set loosely in the world of tennis. Kristy is currently editing her YA modern retelling of Cinderella, Cinderfella. She is also writing the third book in the Summer's End series and has many more stories in mind, yet not enough time in the day!

Kristy can be found on Twitter- Kristy Brown Writes, Facebook- Kristy Brown Author page, and all her books are available on Amazon.

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