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Nancy A. Nation

Nancy A. Nation

Question: Who is your favorite author and why?

Isaac Asimov and Agatha Christie because of their attention to detail and mystery. My writing combines both of their styles to enable me to place the reader into the POV's shoes to experience what the character sees and feels. Their writings always held me to the pages wanting to find out more. That is what I try to accomplish.

About Nancy A. Nation

I am a retired embroiderer. I have been writing for 8 years and now have published 13 science fiction and urban fantasy books within 6 of those years. Most of my life I have read many different types of genres but I always come back to mysteries. I love jigsaw puzzles and word games. In the past, I have always been accused of having a vivid imagination. As a result, my writing became a good fit for me. I enjoy writing and enjoying the fun that comes with each story. 

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