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Dea Schofield

Dea Schofield

Question: Who is your favorite author and why?

Oscar Wilde. (Poe is the runner up). Wilde wrote about all sorts of things and had an incredible ability to observe the human condition. Both his prose and poetry were gorgeous. He was fabulously funny, despite the tragedies he suffered in his life. I adore his way with dialogue. It's nearly impossible to choose a single favorite author, but he definitely sits top of the list. 

About Dea Schofield

Dea Schofield is the author of the supernatural fusion-fiction series Vitaortus. Currently a resident of the Metro Washington, D.C. area, she has lived in several countries and traveled extensively. Like her written work, she considers her life an unconventional fusion of experience, knowledge, and tastes. She enjoys combining disparate ideas and genres to create fun, rich, thought-provoking stories.

You can find her online at

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