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Norma Burdette

Norma Burdette

Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: which is the future?

Self publishing allows all writers and aspiring writers to share their world with everyone. Sadly, traditional publishing seems to direct their energy on sales potential and not the message. Someone's printed words could change a person's life or even 10 people's lives. I think writing is about reaching people and touching their lives even if it's just a small group of readers. If my crazy can make even one person forget or escape, then I consider that a success, but a publishing company doesn't see it that way. Self publishing opens up the world to so many voices and that's what writing is about, isn't it?

About Norma Burdette

I am a wife, mother and grandmother from small-town Illinois. I married my high school sweetheart and we raised three amazing kids. In February of 2017, our home was destroyed by a tornado and forced my early retirement to the Ozarks. Documenting my new crazy is my therapy. Hence my Ozark Life series was born.

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