Get Interviewed - Your Place in the Spotlight


Are you a successful fiction writer? Would you like to pay it forward by sharing your wisdom and experience with new and intermediate writers? Get interviewed at Re:Fiction and help shape the next generation of successful writers!

The Interview

Answer a short, written interview about your writing habits and your experience at getting published. Self-published writers, we'd love to hear about your experience at marketing your works.

Don't like our questions? No problem! Answer some questions of your own choosing, as long as they follow the general themes we're looking for (writing how-to and getting published).

Credit and Promotion

Alongside the interview, we'll be publishing your headshot, short bio, and links of your choosing (no affiliate links, please). It's a great way to reach new readers and hook them.

Publishing Schedule

The new Interviews section will open on September 5th. We'll be posting a new interview every Tuesday, along with a new article and writing prompt. We'll be promoting these interviews on social media and to our newsletter subscribers. Increase your reach now!


To apply, please email with your publishing credentials. If we're interested, we'll email you the written interview and your scheduled publishing slot.