Winner of the #20 Writing Challenge!

In our last newsletter, we asked our readers to write a few paragraphs about a man sitting at a cafe, scribbling away in his notebook, when in comes a person who makes the blood turn to ice in his veins...

Here is the winning entry:

While sitting in the cafeteria he glared up at her with the upmost hatred in his heart he put on his smile and waved back at her wondering how he would get back at her for the years she has stolen the promotion she stole from his ideas.

She has always been a vindictive type of women praying on the weaker ones reeling them in like a black widow making them feel comfortable so much so that they would give her a glimpse into their ideas of a work proposal and that's how she became so successful by stealing their idea tweaking it up with some fancy technology and slamming her name on it and to add insult to her victims she made sure they knew about the copyright next to her new great idea.

His revenge was way overdue  after he dropped her off at the airport for her weekend conference he took the risk, he waited until they were all gone before he sneaked into her office what he found was more valuable than any idea she had ever stolen from him.

Whilst she was away he worked over the weekend to ensure he landed all of her clients with his ideas the ones he never mentioned to her! He too had a few tricks up his sleeve.

On Monday morning like a devil on a rampage she flew into the office Tyler in my office now! What the hell are you doing? Do you really think you can get away with this? These are my client! Mine! With a playful, calm voice he answered her well Merelyn you never stop , you steal our ideas line up clients that you don't even make known to us everyone is supposed to get equal leads, and what do you do! You keep them all for yourself sending the leads on clients you have already landed or clients you know won't qualify for the profile! Now you want to get pissed at me for taking what is rightfully mine!

Oh and don't even bother trying to draw up a contact I've taken the curtsy of doing that for you and before you think of slamming me with a legal suit, I have already had Jim draw up a legal contract having you sign off on each and every deal I took!

I will not cave into your demands! I will take you and Jim for everything you have when I am done with you, you won't even be able to find a job paying close to what you earn here so pick your crumbs and leave this fight while you still have your dignity in place!

Actually Merelyn you should walk away from this fight while you still can with this contract I have each and everyone of our recorded conversations accompanied by a avidavit from all your victims with their original raw ideas.

You bastard how can you side with him over me!

Well let's just put it this way I'd much rather ride the boat where I'm in charge of my own destiny than being a shadow in yours.

And the winner is Beula! Congratulations, Beula, and thanks for playing. You'll get an email later today with your options for a fun prize.

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