Winner of Writing Challenge #27!

In the last issue, we asked you to write about an old matriarch who's authority is challenged by a young upstart.  

Many thanks to everyone who sent their entry! We received a bunch of great stories, but one in particular caught our attention and didn't let go. 

The winner is Fred from! Congratulations, Fred, and thanks for entering! You'll get an email later today with your options for a fun prize.

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And here is the winning entry:


He woke up slowly, groggily, with his eyes closed. Or were they? He couldn’t say. He could feel himself blinking, but his vision remained completely black. He tried to bring a hand up to rub his eyes, but the back of his hand collided with something flat and hard halfway through the motion. He groped at the block, then pressed a splayed hand to it. It was smooth and flat and extended in all directions above him, a hand span away from his face.

More groping revealed he was lying on a soft, cushioned surface. It didn’t take him long to put two and two together: he was stuck in a coffin.

As he started pounding on the cover, he wished he’d never challenged grandma to begin with…

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