Write For Us

Re:Fiction is looking for seasoned fiction writers with an additional flair for nonfiction. Share your passion for writing and your experience with other equally passionate writers!

Payment, Rights & Attribution

  • We pay $0.07/word for featured articles and $0.05/word for all other content types.

  • We buy perpetual exclusive digital rights. That means you cannot re-publish the sold content in digital form anywhere else. You are free to publish it in print.

  • All payments are made in USD via PayPal. You must be able to receive payment via PayPal in order to work with us.

  • We add your byline, headshot, short bio, and links of your choice (barring affiliate links) to articles and resource reviews.

  • Because of their flat-list nature, writing prompts and writing exercises are published without author attribution.


  • All materials submitted to Re:Fiction will be edited as needed before publication.

Submitting Articles

  • We're looking for strong how-to pieces about all aspects of writing fiction, from craft to publishing and marketing your work. We prefer tight pieces that are focused on a narrow topic.

  • Aim for ~1500 words. If your piece runs significantly longer, consider pitching it as a featured article.

  • How to submit: pitch your article idea along with its structure (sub-headers and bullet points). If you're new to Re:Fiction, include your writing credentials.

Submitting Featured Articles

  • Currently closed to submissions.

Submitting Resource Reviews

  • Resource reviews have a very specific structure: introduction, premise, highlights, pros and cons, and level. Please read a resource review for example before submitting one.

  • Aim for ~650 words.

  • How to submit: pitch your suggestion including the resource in question and why you're the best person to write it.

Submitting Writing Prompts

  • Writing prompts are 1-3 sentences meant to jump-start a writer's creativity. They have to be specific enough to evoke a story, and generic enough to leave room to imagination.

  • How to submit: send a batch of at least 20 writing prompts. For each prompt, note what category it fits in (e.g. fantasy, characters, POV, etc.).

Submitting Writing Exercises

  • Writing exercises isolate a single writing skill to work on. They should be challenging but not overwhelming.

  • How to submit: send a batch of at least 20 writing exercises. For each exercise, note what category it fits in (e.g. fantasy, characters, POV, etc.).

All Email Submissions

To apply, please email team@refiction.com with your writing credentials and pitch. If we're interested, we'll ask to see the full piece. Please note that asking for the full piece does not guarantee we will accept it for publication. If accepted, your article will be edited prior to digital publication.