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We're looking for informed articles about the craft, lifestyle, and business of fiction writing. Are you an author, editor, or publisher with relevant experience to share? Drop us a line, and let's talk!

Payment & Rights

  • We pay $0.06 to $0.10 per word of the final edited version.

  • We buy indefinite exclusive digital rights (not including audio rights).

  • Once we buy your article:

    • You cannot sell it to other digital venues.
    • You cannot post it on your own blog or website.
    • You can sell it to a print publication.
    • You can use the audio medium (e.g. turn it into a podcast).

  • All payments are made in USD via PayPal. You must be able to receive payment via PayPal in order to receive payment from us.


  • Your byline, headshot, short bio, and links of your choice (barring affiliate links) will be included with every article you contribute.

  • In addition, as long as your articles are offered on our website, we will host an “Author” page with your bio and the list of articles written by you for Re:Fiction.

Content & Editing

  • All materials published by Re:Fiction will be edited as needed before publication.

  • Please expect to take active part in the editing process, as you may be requested to make changes and/or approve revisions.

  • Feel free to suggest a headline for your article, but please be aware that we are likely to change it for keyword reasons.

Article Guidelines

  • Aim for a length of 1000-1500 words.

  • Choose a tight, focused topic and dig deep into it. We favor in-depth articles over eclectic collections of advice.

  • Focus on actionable tips and concrete advice. Keep personal musings and opinions to a minimum.

  • Create a clear logical flow in the article. Each paragraph should focus on a single concept. Divide your article into subsections and give each one a clear heading, so that skimming readers will get the gist of the article.

  • Use a lot of whitespace. Keep your paragraphs 2-4 sentences long. Use bullet points where appropriate.

  • We prefer a lively tone with a touch of humor over dry content.

How to Submit

Please email editor@refiction.com with your writing credentials and detailed pitch (topic & outline in bullet points). If we're interested, we'll ask to see the full piece. Please note that asking for the full piece does not guarantee we will accept it for publication.