Winner of the November 2018 Writing Contest!

Written by Maria Manevich

Our prompt for November 2018 has been:

Write the worst possible opening paragraphs to a book about an old lady and her dog.

And the winner is… Natalie Walker!

Natalie’s entry was both original and hilarious; we wish we could read the rest of the book.

Great job, Natalie!


By Natalie Walker

Franseen and Roofuss were a prickly pair. When Roofuss died she kept his hair. The lack of grief put her mind in a fog. So to cope she got a dog.

The dog was named Doofuss and he was a mutt. He had floppy ears and a hole in his butt. Other dogs would laugh and make him feel fat. So to cope he killed a cat.

The cat was named Spittens and she was a stray. “If I meet a dog, I’ll make him pay.” Under the bridge her feet didn’t land. So to cope she made her last stand.

Doofuss went home to his bed with Franseen. It was a twin box spring if you know what I mean. “Come,” Franseen said, a little perplexed. You’ll never guess what happened next.