Sick Day

As a child, I used to pretend I was sick to stay home from school, just to have my grandmother come over and make me stay in bed all day. This got me thinking about other things that kids try to get away with.

Write a story based on a child who has made something up in order to get what they want.

Take this writing prompt for a spin:

  • Will you write from the point of view of the child or their parent/guardian/teacher? How does that change the story?
  • Does the child have a history of lying, or are they trustworthy and therefore believed?
  • Think about the greater motives for making up a story. What is it this child really wants? Stability? Attention?
  • Is there a chance that the child really believes the lie they have told? What are the psychological implications?
  • Explore the different logic used by children and adults. How does the child think they are being clever? How do adults see through this? Is the reverse ever true?

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