Would You Like Fries With That?

This prompt explores the idea of rapid downward class migration, but in a potentially humorous setting.

After a scandal in which a formerly prominent surgeon is left penniless, he is forced to take a job at a fast food restaurant.

Take this writing prompt for a spin:

  • Was the scandal the surgeon’s fault, or was he unfairly blamed for something? A set-up, perhaps?
  • How does this drastic career change affect his social life? Does anyone unlikely stick by his side? Is he abandoned by anyone close to him?
  • Do his surgical skills help him excel in his new job?
  • What are his new coworkers like? Any unlikely friendships or strange rivalries?
  • What happens when former colleagues see him working at his new job?
  • Try to play with the preconceived notions about doctors and fast food workers.

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