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Family Recipe

Jan 31, 2017   •  

This prompt is a different take on family battles over a deceased loved one’s assets.     more »


Jan 24, 2017   •  

The idea of confession is intriguing to me, both in and out of religious context. What if the one...     more »

Rewriting History

Jan 17, 2017   •  

This prompt is like a mix-and-match of characters and time periods. Hopefully you come up with so...     more »

Single Encounter

Jan 17, 2017   •  

Can one meal encompass two people’s history? This prompt will let you try.     more »

World’s Worst Job?

Jan 10, 2017   •  

Office politics have always intrigued me. Would you take a job if the current employees warned yo...     more »

Synchronized Swimmers

Jan 10, 2017   •  

Twins are said to have a deeper connection than ordinary siblings. This prompt explores that conn...     more »

A REAL Reality Show

Jan 3, 2017   •  

We all know that reality shows are mostly made up of staged events. What would happen if disaster...     more »

The Hotel

Jan 3, 2017   •  

This prompt could explore a character’s break between memory and reality, or dreams and waking li...     more »