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Article: Pantsers Unite! A Simple Plotting Technique That Won't Seem Like Outlining

By Carol Ayer | Jul 23, 2016

Hi, my name is Carol, and I have a confession to make. I am a pantser.

I know I'm not alone. You'll find us in the deep underbelly of the writing community. We are writers without a plan, with barely a clue of where our story is headed and what its main themes are. We write by the seat of our pants, in our carefree but eventually crazy-making fashion.

Skills/Lifestyle: Plot & Structure  

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Article: Why Every Story Needs Some Humour, Including Yours

By Andrew Knighton | Jul 12, 2016

A touch of comedy is useful for any story. It humanises characters and creates variety in even the darkest of horror. In noir or romance, it adds to the appeal of lead characters. In the age of The Avengers and Ant Man, it’s practically mandatory for an action story.

Skills/Lifestyle: Characters  

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Article: Creating Rich Conflict, Part III: Man versus Society

By Matthew Cates | Jul 5, 2016

Ever feel like the wide and wicked world is out to get you? When it comes to the third form of conflict, that’s just the case for your protagonist.

Skills/Lifestyle: Conflict  

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Article: Ten Ways to Annoy Editors and What You Should Do Instead

By Suzan L. Wiener | Jul 1, 2016

Annoying an editor is the fastest route to manuscript rejection. These ten tips, which I've learned from years of interaction with writer friends and editors, will get you on editors’ good side and hopefully land you a lot of sales.

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Article: Ten Ways Self-Editing Can Make Your Manuscript Better

By Alex J Coyne | Jun 23, 2016

Editing your own work, whether it's headed off to another editor or about to see the light as a self-published project, is a tricky process. Here are a few tricks to help you fight back—let me know if they work for you!

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Article: World Building for Every Kind of Writer—Including You

By Tal Valante | Jun 14, 2016

The phrase “world building” usually calls to mind fantasy and science fiction. But writers of all genres can benefit from strong world building, and you’re no exception. Here’s how.

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Article: How Keeping a Reliable Narrator Makes You a Better Writer

By Kimberly Nichols | Jun 7, 2016

In one of my recent writing groups, my dramatic tale of a girl being drowned was sunk by pool noodles. Yes, that very device which is supposed to keep you afloat.

Here's how it happened to me, and how you can stop it from happening to you.

Skills/Lifestyle: Voice  

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Article: How Crucibles Can Save Your Story from Falling Apart

By Andrew Knighton | May 31, 2016

Every writer faces this contradiction, sooner or later: you need escalating conflict to drive the story forward, but intense conflict also drives your characters apart when you need them to stick together.

Enter the crucible to save the day.

Skills/Lifestyle: Characters   Plot & Structure  

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