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Article: Cover Art Options for the Self-Publisher

By Tal Valante | Aug 30, 2016

When you produce a novel on your own, you get the pleasure—and burden—of full control over the creative process. This places the responsibility for good cover art strictly upon your shoulders. Here’s how you can tackle the mission.

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Article: Is Trade Publishing Right For You?

By Taylor Harbin | Aug 29, 2016

Your manuscript is polished to perfection, and you’re ready for your work to reach the hands of eager readers worldwide. But how do you span that gap between a written novel and a published book?

One method is trade publishing, which we’ll explore in this article.

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Article: How Writing A Comic Strip Made My Fiction Better

By Bartholomew Klick | Aug 22, 2016

Writing comics has made my long-form fiction better. It forces me to think in original ways, and to work creatively around the medium’s restrictions. I hope that sharing my experience here may help writers explore new voices and techniques.

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Article: Six Tips for Surviving a Book Signing

By Alex J Coyne | Aug 12, 2016

It’s been almost a year since the release of Skrik op die Lyf, an Afrikaans horror anthology featuring 46 authors of which I was lucky enough to be one. Whether put together by yourself or arranged by your publisher, a book release or signing is a milestone occasion for any author. Simply put, it’s understandable if you’re nervous as hell.

Here are some of my tips for taking the edge off.

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Article: The Power of Genre

By Andrew Knighton | Aug 3, 2016

It’s sometimes said that genre is a bookseller’s issue, not a writer’s one. Genre exists to group books together so that readers can find something they like. As such, it’s more about the business of writing than the creative side.

While there’s a lot of truth in this, it doesn’t change the fact that genre is important. It affects the way we read and the way we write. It can be a powerful tool for any author.

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Article: Five Ways Fiction Needs Fact

By Alex J Coyne | Jul 26, 2016

Fiction, by nature, is all about making things up. But even fiction has to abide by some facts. Whenever you use an existing environment, things like lingo and location have to make sense to the reader, and the author is expected to get it right. Think about it: if you write about South Africa, a reader from SA would know that traffic lights are commonly called ‘robots’, and that ‘football’ isn’t always ‘soccer’.

Here’s why fiction needs fact—and how to keep it on target.

Skills/Lifestyle: Language  

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Article: Pantsers Unite! A Simple Plotting Technique That Won't Seem Like Outlining

By Carol Ayer | Jul 23, 2016

Hi, my name is Carol, and I have a confession to make. I am a pantser.

I know I'm not alone. You'll find us in the deep underbelly of the writing community. We are writers without a plan, with barely a clue of where our story is headed and what its main themes are. We write by the seat of our pants, in our carefree but eventually crazy-making fashion.

Skills/Lifestyle: Plot & Structure  

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Article: Why Every Story Needs Some Humour, Including Yours

By Andrew Knighton | Jul 12, 2016

A touch of comedy is useful for any story. It humanises characters and creates variety in even the darkest of horror. In noir or romance, it adds to the appeal of lead characters. In the age of The Avengers and Ant Man, it’s practically mandatory for an action story.

Skills/Lifestyle: Characters  

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