Writing Prompts

Written by Tal

Use this collection of writing prompts to jump-start your muse and get writing. Share in the comments if you find it helpful. Enjoy!


Live to Serve

For this policewoman, work is life. But when she has to do the unthinkable in order to save her sister, she is dismissed from the force. What will she do?


Golden Boy

An impatient, ambitious young businessman somehow ends up in the body of a Golden Retriever that belongs to an old man. What does he do, and what does he learn?


Day of the Dead

If your character could bring back from the dead a person for 24 hours, who would the person be? What would happen in those 24 hours?



The sun burned bright that morning. The undead were all gone. Only the mutants remained.



Seven. Four. Eight. The numbers repeating mercilessly in his mind have an ominous meaning. He's dying to know what it is.


Rare Disease

Write about a rare disease that only one person in the world has. What does it do? What impact does it have on everyone's life?


The Train Ride

A young businesswoman is traveling by train to a meeting when she falls asleep, missing her stop. When she awakens, the train has arrived at a very strange and unfamiliar destination.


Free Couch

Write about an online ad for a free item that features one very strange stipulation.



A child's laughter is the best sound on Earth. Unless you're home alone, after midnight, and you don't have a child.


The Moment of Truth

The capsule was small and round. It smelled to him of burning haystacks. What he chose to do next would decide the future of mankind.


Wheel of Divorce

Write about a game show where divorcing people compete for the rights to their property.


Tie Votes

After a bitter election campaign, two opponents are forced to share their job when an old law regarding tie votes is discovered.


My Boring Addiction

Write about a character who is addicted to something most people find boring and commonplace.


Don't Touch That Dial

A workplace battle over control of the thermostat sparks an all-out war in one town.


Old-New Law

A very old, very bizarre law is reinstated in a small town, and it disrupts everyone’s life...


Dream Job

A character starts a new job at a big company, only to find that characters they have dreamed about keep popping up at the new workplace.


The Worst Superpower

Imagine a character who wakes up to find they have the worst superpower imaginable. What happens next?


The Real Story of History

Write about a character who is transported back in time to a major historical event, only to find it happened completely differently than recorded history says.


Singles Cruise

When sea levels rise suddenly and dramatically, cities are wiped out, leaving the passengers aboard a singles cruise with no port to return to. How do they cope?


Kiss of the Sun

She was never allowed to see the sun. Unbeknownst to her, if sunlight ever touched her skin, something beautiful and terrible would happen...


The Fix Ups

After a series of failed romances, a man in his thirties agrees to go on three blind dates arranged for him by the three most important women in his life: his mother, his boss, and his ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child.


Eagle’s Nest

A bald eagle lands on an urban balcony and refuses to leave, to the dismay of the residents, who get more and more creative in their attempts to shoo it away without harming it.


Tiger and Suspects

A newspaper headline reads: “Tiger safe, suspects shaken.” What's the story?


Don't Look Now

Describe a place as vividly as you can without using any visual cues: no light and shadow, no color, no view of how the different pieces fit together. Let your other senses sharpen!

The Scam

Your character receives a spam mail about a hot deal they just have to get in on. They know it's a scam, but they decide to reply anyway. The most strange interaction grows over the next weeks...