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The Fix Ups

Aug 22, 2017   •  

Why does it seem like human nature to want to set people up? Should we all just mind our own busi...     more »

There Was An Old Woman

Aug 15, 2017   •  

Meeting an old woman in the forest might seem like a tired old trope. How can you make it new and...     more »

Ghost Friend

Aug 8, 2017   •  

It’s easier than ever for people to communicate with each other, but what happens when this commu...     more »

Sick Day

Aug 1, 2017   •  

As a child, I used to pretend I was sick to stay home from school, just to have my grandmother co...     more »

Childhood Hero

Jul 25, 2017   •  

Is there anyone you looked up to as a child that you’re now embarrassed about? Is your childhood...     more »

The Observatory

Jul 18, 2017   •  

This prompt explores the ways in which relationship problems can affect other areas of life, with...     more »

Stuck On a Train

Jul 11, 2017   •  

Every time I travel on a train, I wonder what will happen if we suddenly stop. Here’s a prompt ex...     more »

Back In Time

Jul 4, 2017   •  

I’m sure we’ve all wished at one point that we could relive a day. What would...     more »