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Where to Find Fiction Markets for Submissions

Alex J Coyne
Written by Alex J Coyne

One of the hardest things about being a writer is figuring out where to submit your work. The problem is real for both newcomers and seasoned writers—where do you submit if you’ve never submitted before, or if you’ve run out of places to submit to? Re:Fiction and Alex J. Coyne went investigating to find you a massive list of websites that list writers guidelines and rates, organized by genre—so that you don’t have to. Happy submitting, and good luck!

General and Others


Duotrope currently lists 6118 markets and their guidelines, and is not limited to just one genre. Instead, you can sign up to Duotrope and they’ll keep track of publication listings for you. Membership is currently $5 per month and—at least according to a fair bit of user reviews online—it could be worth checking out.

Children’s Publishers

Colossal Directory of Children’s Publishers is exactly that: Thousands of children’s publishers, imprints and publications organized alphabetically. Australian, British and Canadian publications and magazines have their own categories.

The Market List

The Market List has been going since 1994, and offers a major database of fiction and non-fiction markets and submission guidelines.

Foreign Market List

Thanks to Canadian author Douglas Smith, here you can find a regularly updated list of foreign-based markets listing guidelines, rates, editorial info and contact details. Extensive and hugely useful!

Writer’s Market

Writer’s Market is published by Writer’s Digest and has been released annually since 1921. Yes, you’ll have to buy this one, but it’s one of the most highly recommended resources for writers out there: You almost can’t afford to be without one.

Fiction Factor

Fiction Factor itself doesn’t seem to have been updated since early-2016, but their listing of markets is still useful even if a little outdated. It’s split up into Fiction E-Markets, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Erotica, Contests, Anthologies, Poetry, Non-Fiction E-Markets, E-Publishers and Romance Print Publishers.

Funds for Writers

Funds for Writers (FFW for short) is run by author Hope Clark, who you might know from the Carolina Slade Mysteries. There, you can find listings of grants,  contests, markets and other useful tools for authors, or you can subscribe to the newsletter and get updated listings to your inbox.

Poets & Writers Magazine

Poets & Writers Magazine has this listing of literary magazines – some poetry, some essays, some long-form fiction and some non-fiction—searchable by genre and simultaneous submissions.


Writer guidelines categorized by topic (i.e. Animals, Culture, College, Fashion, Home, Horror and more) and by paying and non-paying. Searchable, too, though we’re not sure how often it’s being kept up.

Who Pays Writers

Who Pays Writers calls itself “an anonymous, crowd-sourced list of which publications pay freelance writers – and how much.”  User-submitted listings tells you the publication, the rate, what the publication bought and what the author’s experience was submitting. Oh, and it also tells you more or less how long the author had to wait from writing to publication and payment, which is useful in a pinch.


Horror Writers’ Association

The Horror Writers’ Association (HWA) presents the annual Bram Stoker Award, and here is their list of horror markets to direct your ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy, erm…manuscripts.

Dark Markets

Dark Markets has been there since 2001, and you can find listings of anthologies, magazines, book publishers, contests, online zines and even podcasts here.

The Horror Zine

The Horror Zine is updated regularly (last updated 8 January 2017 at the time of writing) and you’ll find a comprehensive list of horror and dark magazines accepting fiction, poetry and flash fiction—plus a couple of editor Jeani Rector’s personal favorites.

The Horror Tree

The Horror Tree keeps you updated on markets and gives you the low-down on their guidelines, pay-rates, word count, publication and even some tips on the market’s editing process. They’ve also got a category for “Reprints Allowed” to the side.


Writing horror for the screen? No problem: Check out this listing of horror screenplay contests from MovieBytes.

Mystery & Crime Fiction

Bookfox: 100 of the Best

Posted in June 2016, you can find a listing of 100 of the best publications for submitting mystery or crime fiction thanks to Nicole Caropolo.

Thrilling Detective

Extensive, updated regularly from what we can tell and includes organizations, resources, blogs, radio & podcasts, television, comics and—of course—a list of publishers accepting your mystery and crime fiction.

German-language Crime Fiction,133,129002,liste9.html

So, what if you happen to write in German? Well, that’s great—because we found this, and it’s simply too extensive to not include on this list. Here, find German-language publishers of crime fiction plus their rates and guidelines.

Every Writers’ Resource

Every Writers’ Resource provides their searchable list of crime fiction market listings here, but that’s not all: Scroll down and look left to find a vast list of other categories including Fantasy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Teen and even University Press.

Black Mask Magazine

Black Mask Magazine publishes fiction of their own, too; but they’re groovy enough to point authors in the direction of some other markets for their crime fiction. Listings include information on the market, editorial info, mailing addresses an

Sci-Fi and Weird Fiction


Ralan has been going since 1996 and is the authority on markets for sci-fi, horror, fantasy and weird fiction. Run by author Ralan, it’s updated on a regular basis and you can even submit your own.

Dystopian Stories

Dystopian Stories lists “creative writing journals and litmags accepting submissions” sorted by publication, genre & type and description.

Science Fiction Poetry Association

Yes, there’s an association for Science Fiction Poetry, and here’s their list of markets accepting submissions. (Hmm, we wonder if they have an official stance on Vogon poetry…)

Writer’s Digest: Science Fiction Agents

Another one that was just too useful to leave out: Writer’s Digest and their listing of Science Fiction agents to help you in getting your submission represented and (hopefully) noticed.


Writer’s Digest

A bit outdated (March 2008), but still a fair list of romance magazines accepting submissions and a good starting point.

The Balance

Thanks to Valerie Peterson, here’s a list of the major traditional romance (book) publishers and their guidelines . This is great for authors who already have a manuscript waiting to be submitted.

Authors Publish

Last updated in June 2016, here’s a list of 31 mainstream romance publishers that’ll accept submissions without an agent and the link to the corresponding guidelines on their website.

Publishers Global

The Romance Directory of Publishers Global lists 83 romance publishing companies authors might want to check out. Click on the publisher’s name or “more” to find the guidelines.

Darla G. Denton

From Darla G. Denton’s website, here’s a great list of 44 publishers accepting romance submissions, their genre, word count and a link to their guidelines.

The Passionate Pen

The Passionate Pen has a pretty comprehensive, up-to-date list of romance publishers, large print presses, and smaller publishing houses. A blurb is given for each market, with a link straight to the guidelines.


Darla G. Denton

Another list from Darla G. Denton (thanks!), here’s a list of 28 publishers accepting erotica and fiction submissions.

The Review Review

This Review Review piece by Lauren Rheaume is a great list of magazines that publish erotica, what authors have had to say about them and links to their submission guidelines.

Every Writer’s Resource

From EWR, here’s a regularly updated list of book publishers specializing in erotica and their guidelines.

Writing Competitions

Dystopian Stories

Creative Writing Competitions of 2017 thanks to Dystopian Stories, another market which deserves two mentions on this list. The list promises to be “curated” and remains up to date at the time of writing.

The Write Life

A list of 31 writing contests with cash up for grabs put together by Kelly Gurnett, dated March 2017.

Poets & Writers

Here’s a listing of writing contests, grants and awards for writers from P&W. You can search the database by entry fee, genre, show and deadline.

Writer’s Digest

Another one from Writer’s Digest, here’s a list of competitions, their deadlines, what they’re looking for and their links. Up-to-date.

Christopher Fielden

We’ve got Christopher Fielden to thank for this one: Here’s a major list of short story competitions for authors. Updated regularly. Flash fiction submissions are included.

Nothing in the Rulebook

A massive list from Nothing in the Rulebook of writing competitions and fiction prizes. Lists guidelines, entry fee, potential prize money and links you to the website.

Creative Writing Ink

Competition listings from Creative Writing Ink, who notes that they also run their own writing contests. Includes fiction prizes and contests for poetry, short fiction, longer fiction and novel-length work.

The Book Fox

Are you a younger emerging author who has to break into the market? Competitions are a great way. Check out this list of writing contests aimed at teens from The Book Fox.


With this list of lists, all you have to do is choose your market and submit! Best of luck!

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Alex J Coyne

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